Air Purifiers: The Numerous Health Benefits They Provide Your Home

When most homeowners consider their indoor air, they assume that it would definitely be much cleaner than the outdoor air they breathe all day. The truth of the matter is that your indoor air quality could be significantly poorer than you estimate it to be. This is especially true if your home is not well ventilated or of it has developed a mould infestation. To ensure that you are breathing clean air, you should consider investing in an air purifier. Below are some of the various health benefits that air purifiers will provide your home.

Air purifiers can help combat allergies

If you or a loved one suffers from allergies such as hay fever, you will find that you are constantly susceptible to discomfort due to airborne contaminants. These contaminants can be in the form of pollen, pet dander, mould spores, dust mites and more. Not having an air purifier can mean being extremely uncomfortable, especially during seasons such as the spring and summer.

Air purifiers can help decrease the occurrence of colds

When the colder months roll around, most homeowners will opt to keep their windows shut to keep the cold drafts out. What this inadvertently does is enclose viruses in your home, as your residence will not be receiving sufficient ventilation. In the event that someone comes home with a communicable virus, it will only be a matter of days before everyone in the home is infected. This is typically why cold viruses spread so fast during the cold season. If you would like to decrease the occurrence of this, you may want to consider reinvesting in a UV purifier or HEPA purifier to eliminate viruses and bacteria floating in the air.

Air purifiers can keep your lungs free from congestion

If you have a loved one suffering from breathing disorders such as emphysema or asthma, then an air purifier may be an ideal option for your home. Although your air conditioning system may filter your air, it does not eliminate microscopic particulate matter in the air. As you breathe in these particles in the air, they compound the congestion in the lungs leading to the aggravation of breathing disorders. Installing an air purifier will ensure that there are no foreign particles floating through the air. In addition to this, with decreased lung congestion you also inadvertently decrease the number of doctor visits you have to make due to breathing problems.

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