Retro Kitchen Design

Designing a retro kitchen is a great way to spruce up your home and give it a 50s diner makeover. Following a few simple rules will enable you to create a sleek and stylish design that will make your kitchen the best room in the house.

Retro diners are all about bright bold colours paired up with black and white checkered patterns and lots of futuristic chrome. Pairing these colours will allow you to create a much bolder kitchen. 

Many brands such as Smeg have retro inspired appliance ranges. Often these designs are sleek and aerodynamic in shape and combine both chrome and bold coloured fittings. Having an appliance that radiates 1950s diner is as much of a decoration as it is a practical tool in the kitchen. Sticking to particular sets will enable you to match items such as the kettle, toaster and coffee maker together, allowing you to decorate your work surfaces, giving it a uniformed feel. 

Tables and chairs will also be a focal point and will give you the opportunity to decorate your kitchen stylishly but relatively cheaply. Try purchasing chrome tables made from metal and pairing them with matching chairs. Having the chair re-upholstered with leather will make it look more authentic; picking a colour that matches your appliances and fixtures will help with uniformity, but don't be afraid of incorporating an authentic white speed stripe for a bit of class. To compliment the table use some retro ketchup and mustard bottles used for dressing your hot dogs, they can often be bought in packs of two at large home interior warehouses. 

Try to limit black and white patterns to the flooring; the kitchen fixtures themselves will contrast well with this if they remain a single bright colour with a hint of chrome on the handles or brand logo. Keeping the walls white will again emphasise the appliances and colours you use, but will allow you to add character by acting as a neutral backdrop for old posters of 1950s foods and drink brands. These can be purchased on the Internet with ease, along with mirrors that have famous brands printed on the glass; much like you'd find in a pub.

Finally keep an eye out for limited edition food packaging. Certain cereal and drink brands reissue old designs during anniversary periods; these can make for good shelf decorations that are very cheap. If using glass drink bottles, you can reattach the lids and recreate the drink inside using water and food colouring.