Benefits of using LED lighting

There are always items in the news talking about LED lighting, but many people still don't know what it is and what benefits it provides. There are many reasons to be passionate about LED lighting; it is the most energy efficient and eco-friendly form of lighting. Many old school devices have received a revamp and increase in features thanks to the introduction of LED lighting, such as the 10w rechargeable portable LED work light. Here are some of the many benefits that are associated with LED lighting.

Great energy efficiency

LED lighting is by far the most efficient form of lighting. It has an estimated energy efficiency of 80%, i.e. 80% of the energy is converted to light while only 20% is converted into other energy such as heat. Traditional lighting has an energy efficiency of only 20%. This means that you will save money on your energy bills as it takes less energy to operate the light when using LEDs in comparison with traditional lighting.


This is one of the standout benefits of LED lighting. LED bulbs and iodes have a much longer expected operation lifetime, so they will not need to be replaced very often. As opposed to standard lighting, LEDs don't burn out and cease to work, rather, the diodes fade over time and start to become less bright.

Environmentally friendly

There are no toxic chemicals associated with LED lights, as opposed to traditional light bulbs that contain a few different materials that are toxic to the environment such as mercury. LED lights are also recyclable and fewer of them need to be produced compared to traditional lighting because they have such long life spans.


LED lights are very durable as they are equipped with tough components allowing them to withstand extremely rough conditions. They are also resistant to vibrations, external impacts and shock. They really are the perfect lighting option for outdoor use as they can withstand all types of conditions and weather. As a result, they are used in areas where durable lighting is very important such as traffic lights and construction sites. They are even suited to extremely cold and warm temperatures, something which traditional lighting is not.

Instant lighting

There is no need to wait for the light to gradually increase in brightness; once you turn on an LED light, it will fully brighten immediately, which is perfect for traffic lighting. They can also be turned on and off at will without risking the light's durability or brightness levels over time.