What Type Of Ice Machine Is Perfect For Your Needs?

When you're setting up your new restaurant one of the most important pieces of equipment you will need is likely to be an icemaker. There are many different types available, so you first need to determine exactly what you are serving in order to pick the right machine.

Full Cubes

The most common type of commercial ice machine is a full cube icemaker. It's a common staple in the majority of restaurants, bars and clubs when dispensing soft drinks or mixed drinks. It can also be used for creating bags of ice in community stores.

These machines produce ice in the familiar rhomboid shape. Often, this particular shape of ice is needed when dispensing drinks that utilise ice as part of their presentation. For example, when patrons are buying a premium liquor cocktail in a highball glass, the right type of ice is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also makes the right type of "clink" when it is dispensed into the glass. The full cube is typically produced with a high ice to air ratio, so that they are slow to melt while offering the maximum amount of cooling. In a high-volume facility, these machines are critical. They can quickly and efficiently produce bulk quantities for well containers.

Half Cubes

The second type of machine produces "half cubes." They are to be found in commercial kitchens, convenience stores and certain restaurants. They're basically the same as the full cube alternative, but half its size. Its popularity is dictated by versatility. Simply speaking, the cube is a lot smaller and can be used in a wider variety of situations, such as smaller glasses, etc.


Nugget ice makers are favoured when producing blended cocktails or serving specialty drinks. They are also ideal for fountain beverages, or to help cool salads in a buffet. Some brand manufacturers call these "cubelets" instead. Because they are so small, they have the ability to more readily absorb flavours and are ideal when producing smoothies. This type of icemaker can also save you money, as the ice takes up more volume within a glass and consumers expect to get a higher ratio of it in this situation.

The ice is also made to be chewed and in fact this has given rise to a trend in recent times. Some establishments have built their own branded drinks based solely around the ice chewing craze.


Flake ice machines are very different to their cube ice counterparts. They are formed when water runs through an evaporator tube and is flash frozen. Flake ice is primarily to be found wherever chilled food is put on display, such as a fish market, or a buffet. These machines are also found in healthcare establishments, or wherever chilled drinks need to be served without any risk of choking on larger chunks of ice.

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